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When does Autumn begin?

Who knows when Autumn really starts?

A source from Columbia University tells me it’s at 4:44 pm on Saturday Sept 22nd when the sun crosses the celestial equator from north to south.

My man Jason at Muskoka Brewery tells me that it begins September 16th – the day they release Harvest Ale to the world.

So I guess it comes down to the reliability of your sources doesn’t it.

Who are you going to believe – Jason at Muskoka Brewery or this so-called Columbia University”? [Who ever heard of an "Ivy League" or a "celestial equator" for that matter?]

Harvest Logo 2

Harvest Ale is available in 750mL bottles and is available at the LCBO and The Beer Store starting September 16th – the first day of Autumn

Harvest Bottle

A Real Oddity

This wine blog is being distracted by beer at an alarming rate –  alarming to whom I’m not sure.

Legendary Bottle ShotThe Legendary Muskoka Oddity has been released upon us.  This Belgian style ale tastes like somebody started making Gin and then halfway through the brewmaster yelled “Stop the presses” and switched production to ale.  Muskoka Brewery says that they have “unearthed this season’s most distinct offerings” and it’s hard not to agree with them.  It’s hoppy to be sure but what makes it distinctive (in a gin sort of way) is the use of heather tips, juniper berries, and sweet orange peel shavings.

While I try not to be a sucker for a slick label  this falcon / peacock / scary antler deer thingy is so freakin’ cool. I can’t stop staring at it – like the Futurama Hypno-toad (stare below).

Legendary Muskoka Oddity is available at the LCBO – $9.95 for a 750 mL bottle. It’s sure to be a conversation piece at your next party and would make a great hostess gift – for the man who would rather shop for beer than buy flowers.


Can’t stop staring at the hypno-toad either

Beer Art

I thought it time to share this wine bloggers favorite beer –  Newcastle Brown Ale.

Yes, Instagram again – just to keep my friend Phil envious of my iPhone – and here is my attempt at beer art

While it says “serve cool” I actually prefer it closer to room temperature – makes me feel like I’m sitting with CS Lewis discussing theology.  Hey, good idea to start an Ale & Theology club. I’m calling The Wooly right now to set it up.


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