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Break another rule

Apparently rule number one of wine blogging is to not blog about Beaujolais Nouveau.

My whole wine blog – pullthecork- began with Beaujolais Nouveau four years ago!

My best party of the year centres around Beaujolais Nouveau [with some friends and some food thrown in].

Wednesday night I may not sleep because of Thursday’s release of Nouveau [and the people at Chateau des Charmes just teased me today with a photo of their staff doing "quality control" with their Nouveau #jesuisarrive13 - not nice]!

My last blog post was about Beaujolais Nouveau.  Come to think of it, so is this one.

Beaujolais Nouveau has been called …

  • the bubble gum of wine
  • the cookie dough of wine
  • not real wine at all
  • and a marketing scam [I know a marketing scam when I see one. There's a Slapchop somewhere in my basement]

… and I don’t even care.  300 blog posts and over 100,000 views later [oh, right, not supposed to talk about your own stats in a wine blog] I am still blogging about the blessed Nouveau.

On Thursday I will be probably be making up a tune to sing the lyrics “Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé!” to – I really will.

Oh, and mentioning statistics – I wrote Beaujolais Nouveau 10 times already. Take that wine critics.


Nouveau Oddity

Ground control to Georges Dubœuf – commencing countdown, engines on until Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé!

Can you hear me,  Georges Dubœuf? Can you hear me,  Georges Dubœuf?  Can you hear me,  Georges Dubœuf?  Can you …

Anyhoo, I just got this list from the fine folks at helloLCBO – I’ve highlighted the ones that I usually buy.

Nouveau Wines 2013 List Nov 21, 2013

As of the morning of Thursday November 21, 2013, the following Nouveau wine products will be available in selected LCBO locations:


Tollo Novello Rosso Terre Di Chieti* Italy



Duboeuf Gamay Nouveau* France



Mommessin Beaujolais Nouveau* France



Negrar Novello Del Veneto Igt* Italy



JP Chenet Beaujolais Nouveau France



Beaujolais Villages Nouveau(J. Drouhin France



Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau (G. Duboeuf) France



The Fool Reif Estate Gamay Nouveau VQA * Ontario



Generation Seven Nouveau Ontario


With apologies to Davie Bowie


Nouveau on the way

The Beaujolais Nouveau is on its way and I have a bit of a sneak preview. Well at least I’m training my palate for a preview. At the very least it’s the same grape as Nouveau.

The fine folks at Chateau des Charmes in Niagara deliver this tasty Gamay 52 weeks a year. Coming soon to a store near you [if you love in Ontario] will be their “Nouveau” Gamay #jesuisarrivé13 – by far the cleverest marketing name for a wine I’ve ever seen.
Thanks Bosc family – and thanks or not naming your nouveau after a cute small animal.

LCBO 57349 | Price $ 12.95

Don’t Speak

At my annual Beaujolais Nouveau party this year there was considerable discussion about which wine was the best.  To be frank, there was more discussion about the wine than I was comfortable with. Nouveau isn’t meant to be discussed.

However, since we’re on the topic …

Best local wineChateau des Charmes Seven Generation. Somebody commented that it tasted like the wine that their Dad used to make.  We all concluded that was a good thing. I hope people keep buying it so that the Chateau makes it again next year.

Best Italian – they both tasted the same to me but they were very good.  To be honest they annoyed me because 1. They tasted too much like real wine and 2. Their labels weren’t festive or fun. Actually, the discussion of these two topics with Roger was the only “wine” conversation I was comfortable with all evening. I  think the Italians deliberatly make good wine with serious labels just to bug the French.

Best true NouveauGeorges Dubœuf Gamay Nouveau – light, spritzy, festive label, inexpensive.  This is what Nouveau is supposed to be – but I’ve already said too much.

A Vacuum of Information

First of all, how cool is the word vacuum?  If there’s a better word with consecutive u’s in it then I don’t know it.

Secondly, how come I can’t find any information on the most important wine event of the season – BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU? I can’t get a list from the LCBO (even though I have a reliable inside source) and hardly anybody even discusses it on the interweb.  It certainly is not garnering the attention it deserves.

I think that I am one of the few that champions the event.  So what is it? Well apparently if I tell you I break one of the rules about wine blogging. Three years ago when I was researching how to write a wine blog (yes I did that) the overwhelming cardinal sin was to explain Beaujolais Nouveau.  NUTS TO THEM.

Read about it here in Wine Weekly (I didn’t just invent that). About the only question it doesn’t answer is “Who drinks Nouveau?” Answer – I do.

Label me a Nouveau Freak

Hey Art historians – here’s some real art for the Nouveau lover.  A brief history of Nouveau from Georges Dubœuf.

2003 - Our first party in Guelph








Art Nouveau

In case you forgot, the release of Beaujolais Nouveau is next Thursday.  This arrival of the “cookie dough” of wine is one of my favorite events.  Even the label garners some international hoopla.  Many (you know who you are) would argue that the label is the most interesting part about the wine. Not me.

Cool label.  I’ll let the Dubœuf PR department take it from here ….

“It’s a bold new pairing for Beaujolais. French wine producer Georges Duboeuf has collaborated with renowned Brooklyn artist Michael McLeer, a.k.a. Kaves, to create Nouveau Expression, a celebration of creativity, self expression and enjoying the moment, to coincide with Duboeuf’s release of the 2011 Beaujolais Nouveau.  A multi-talented artist specializing in graffiti, tattoo, music and film, Kaves designed a unique, graffiti-inspired urban celebration for the 2011 label.

“I wanted to create a celebration in a neighborhood that could be anywhere in the world with bright energy and a positive vibe,” said Kaves. “The corner of LIVE and LOVE is where I want to be. It’s a place where people live in the moment and love life. Beaujolais Nouveau is a celebration of friends and wine. My painting is a celebration of life. The two are a perfect pair.”

Holiday Magic

The first Vintages Holiday catalogue arrived in the mail yesterday!  It actually sat in the mail pile for over 2 hours before my wife casually mentioned that “the LCBO Christmas catalogue arrived today“.   I squealed with delight, grabbed a Sharpie and tucked in.

In between the Don Pérignon gift set ($230), the magnum of Rioja (LAN reserva $40) and the enormous Chianti (Da Vinci 5000 mL) I found my favorite page.

“Save the Date! Beaujolais Nouveau arrives on Vintages shelves November 17″  – Beaujolais Nouveau!  I love Nouveau.  It marks the beginning of Christmas celebrations in our house.  Fresh, fruity, effervescent – it’s a  wine for the masses.

Now I work at being a wine snob as much as the next guy but I can’t help but be happy about this simple wine inexpensive wine.  It’s just fun for me – and hey, if wine isn’t fun then you shouldn’t be drinking it.

Also, after drinking Nouveau for a month that magnum of LAN and the 5000 mL Chianti are going to taste really good.

Le Nouveau encore

Pullthecork started out with the Nouveau release in 2009.  102 blog entries and 15,000 hits later it’s time for the Beaujolais Nouveau party again. I know that the release of Nouveau is a marketing scam by the French but I want to be scammed every once in a while.  Nouveau is light, delicious, and easy to drink.  Exactly what I want my blog to be.

I always buy from George Dubœuf – the king of Beaujolais – because he’s the king and because of how cool it is that the o and the e get stuck together when he spells his name. 

I also buy a couple other French nouveau and always try one from Ontario if the LCBO gets one.  This year Reif Estates releases The Fool Gamay Nouveau – so they are the first winery in Ontario to put a 2010 wine on the shelves.  Well done!

The benchmark - Duboeuf

Here’s the entire list of Nouveau available in Ontario Thursday.


  • Mommessin Beaujolais Nouveau,  $13.95
  • Duboeuf Gamay Nouveau, $8.95
  • Primeur Catalan Syrah Merlot,  $9.95 
  • Drouhin Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau, $14.95
  • Duboeuf Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau, $14.95 


  • Mezzacorona Novio Vino Novello, $9.95 
  • Negrar Novello del Veneto, $9.95 


  • Reif Estates The Fool Gamay Nouveau, $10.95   

My New(veau) favorite Wine Critic

POST #100 It is almost time for my annual Beaujolais Nouveau party.  It is our official celebration of the wine harvest and the beginning of the Holiday season.

 Beaujolais Nouveau is, of course, this year’s harvest from France.  New Wine = Nouveau (it’s a French thing). Nouveau is released all over the world this year on November 18 – so you can’t get it until then. Go to the LCBO next Thursday and ask for the Nouveau. 

 Wine critic Karen MacNeil has compared drinking Beaujolais Nouveau to eating cookie dough. Wine critic Karen MacNeil has just become my favorite wine critic! I love eating cookie dough.

Also, chill it before serving. It’s much better that way – both the wine and the cookie dough.

And yes,  this was my 100th Post on pullthecork – thanks for reading.




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