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Fit of Giggles

There are many ways to learn a new language.  One is sifting through a wine catalogue . A German rosé sent me and my daughters into a fit of giggles as we tried for 20 minutes different pronunciations of Winzergenossenschaft Königschaffhausen Pinot Noir Rosé from Baden, Königschaffhauser Vulkanfelsen.

Sorry Germany – your language makes me laugh.


Germany Sparkles – Why I took Don Cherry’s advice

It was Don Cherry who said, “You’ve got to try stuff”.  I took Don Cherry’s  advice and tried a German Sekt.  I reasoned that since Mosel (Germany) is only 220 kms from Reims (France –  the birthplace of Champagne) that it was a safe bet.  Also following Don Cherry’s advice on a hockey related matter and applying it to wine seemed like a good idea.

This was my first German Sparkler – a Riesling Extra Dry – or Deutcher Sekt b.A. if you prefer to speak German.  Just released in the Vintages section of the LCBO it is very good and at $13 a nice price.

VINTAGES 226258 | Price: $ 13.95
12.5% Alcohol/Vol.
Made in: Mosel, Germany By: Mo-Rhe-Na Gmbh Weinexportkellerei

Release Date: Jul 9, 2011

Pale straw colour with aromas of grapefruit/citrus . Quite dry and fresh with fruit around the acids.  Not a bad performance for my first German sparkler.

Champagne history

I plan to vacation in Reims, the biggest city in the province of Champagne, someday and then travel south.  My only concern is that I might stick around the Champagne region drinking bubbly the entire time – that would  completely ruin my plans.

I just finished reading a book, Champagne: How the World’s Most Glamorous Wine Triumphed Over War and Hard Times, by Don and Petie Kladstup.  Imagine what life has been like for les Champenoise - the people who live smack in between Paris and Germany. From 1870 until the end of WWII three wars were fought on the soil of Champagne. At the end of WWII in 1945 the population of France was actually lower than it was in 1800! Incredible.

A good book on history is a good book of stories.  The stories of Napoleon, Churchill, Capone, many French Kings named Louis, and a few Czars and Kaisers thrown into the mix make for great reading.  Also, if you are interested in drinking great Champagne then the stories of Roederer, Clicquot, and Chandon could be savoured over a flute of “party juice”.

Champagne: How the World's Most Glamorous Wine Triumphed Over War and Hard Times

Best of all, I got it at the library, returned it on time, and saved my money.  Probably should celebrate that with a bottle of the real stuff.


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