Beaujolais Nouveau Party

Today is the third Thursday in November – a date marked in my Moleskine planner the moment I get a new one each January.

Of course it means that “Le Beaujolais nouveau est arrivé!” Who in their right mind doesn’t love a red wine that is easy to drink? Yet some people “pooh pooh” the new wine.

People who don’t like Beaujolais Nouveau don’t really understand the purpose of wine.  Pulling the cork on a bottle is meant to be  a celebration not  an act of scrutiny. 

Each year I celebrate with what is to date my only act of genius – I host the neighborhood Nouveau party!  Everyone who comes brings a chilled Nouveau ( I have some in the fridge in case – heaven forbid- it comes room temperature) and an appetizer.  Brilliant – enough wine and enough food for everyone.  I haven’t met a person yet who “pooh poohs” my party or the wine at my party.

 For those people who want to turn a wine tasting into an  episode of CSI ,  look for clues as to what this years harvest has to offer (memo to self – CSI Beaujolais is a great idea for a TV show).

Nouveau is fun, delicious to drink, highly quaffable (great word huh?), and a party in the making.  Now isn’t that what wine is supposed to be about?

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One response to “Beaujolais Nouveau Party

  • Doreen Oke

    Love the idea of having the Nouveau, but here in Spain it’s hard to come by, so we had to make do with a Ribera del Duero Crianza. Carolyn, hope you enjoyed your beer.

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