A Case of Champagne please.

So how wealthy do you have to be to buy Champagne by the case?  And I don’t mean Prosecco or Cava – although I am a big fan of both – I mean the real stuff.

Cristal? Dom? Veuve? Krug?   Veuve is the most affordable at $93 so that probably rules it out.  Roederer’s Cristal is the most expensive (and therefore best) at $286 per bottle.  Some quick math puts that at $3500 a case.  That seems like a good deal depending on how much you drink.

There is a saying in France that a magnum of Champagne is perfect for sharing with your wife … as long as she is not drinking.  A magnum of Cristal 1999 is a deal at $3000 – VINTAGES 93062.  This Cristal is a Grand Cuvée, which means the grapes are selected from the favoured vineyards.  Now that sounds like a level of snobbery that I am interested in.

Maybe the way to shop is to buy a Salmanazar – 9000 ml which is 12 bottles worth all in one bottle.  Vintages can get you a Pol Roger for $1000 but I have to warn you that this is a non-vintage Champagne so therefore is a blend of a couple of years.  And really, if you are going to be a Champagne snob why bother with a non-vintage.

If you want to kick up the snobbery a notch, then hop on a plane to the Ritz-Carlton Moscow where you can buy a bottle of 1907 Shipwrecked Heidsieck. Shipped in 1916 from Champagne to the Russian Imperial Family, a year before the Bolsheviks got to them, a shipwreck off the coast of Finland caused this champagne to be lost at sea until 200 bottles were discovered by divers in 1997. You can get one from the Ritz-Carleton for $275,000 a bottle – or just over $3 million a case – if there’s any left.

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