Y210K – It’s time to Panic

It’s time to panic.   It seems to me that nobody has taken notice of the fact that the upcoming year of 2010 is actually more binary than the year 2000.   I’m concerned that everybody is ignoring this potential Armageddon.  Dust off your Y2K generator and fill up your basement shelter with canned goods and bottled water. Its Y210K people and it’s scary!

If I am right, and I’m pretty sure that I am, I need to get a small collection of wines to see me through this event.  This will hold me over until Al Gore gets everything fixed (did he really win a Nobel Prize or did I imagine that?).

Don’t just go out and get some wine – buy it by the case – buy it in a state of panic, it’s Y210K!  Actually, buy it by the half case so that you have more variety to drink during this crisis.

December’s release from Vintages has some great choices for a half case. 2007 was a great Niagara vintage and  Ontario makes a great Cabernet Franc so pick either …

Premium Red – Inniskillin’s 2007 Reserve Series Cabernet Franc and was rated 90 by Natalie MacLean. It would be great with or without canned food.

Value Red- Jackson-Triggs 2007 Proprietors’ Reserve Cabernet Franc / Cabernet Sauvignon (LCBO 560680 $12.95) is a great deal and a great wine.  I featured it at Red Brick Cafe in September to rave reviews.  That reminds me to put several bags of coffee in my bunker.

Also, both of these wineries are also located within a short distance of Guelph so I can bike there to get some more if I need to.

If the other person in your bunker likes white wine then I have a couple of choices from Chile…

Premium White – Errazuriz Aconcagua Costa Single Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc (Vintages 135426 $15.95).

Value White – had the Errazuriz Sauvignon Blanc on the LCBO list at a party last night and loved it. It is a little light but brave enough for times like this.

Times like these demand planning – don’t get caught without good wine for the end times.

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9 responses to “Y210K – It’s time to Panic

  • Kathy

    Now this is what I called good old writing! Y210K Is a blast from the past.

    Always been nervous picking out a new wine….just didn’t know much to make the experience fun….well Pull the Plug has changed that….

  • Philip Pace

    Though, here in Italy with the prices being as cheap as they are on wine, I could actually afford to buy vino by the case! On the other hand, though Y210k is upon us, the wine is just flowing around here so I’ll just put a few under my sink. I can get a 1.5 liter of a really tasty Oltrepò Pavese from Lombardia for under 3 Euro. Amazing place to drink wine and eat cheese, (also very cheap) which I do practically every night before dinner. But, you already know of this – wink, wink!
    I also would like to see you riding your bike in that cold Canadian winter air. Don’t you freeze?
    Auguri da Italia! Buon Natale e Buon Anno!

  • Natalie MacLean

    Hey Travis, glad you liked the Inniskillin Cab Franc too … what kind of canned food did you crack open with it?


    PS E-mail me for more canned food pairing suggestions, everything from Mr. Whiskers to Kibbles & Bits:


    • travisoke

      Thanks Natalie,
      I find that the Cab Franc is good with Sardines, but only if they are packed in mustard or tomato sauce. Oil packed Sardines and even smoked oysters are far too strong for a Cab Franc.
      As an alternative to Sardines might I suggest a small serving of fried Spam on toast. Y210K never tasted so good.

  • Natalie MacLean

    Ha! You’ll have to be more specific: what kind of toast? Whole wheat, 12 grain, Italian crusty? That could change everything …

    • travisoke

      I haven’t completed the food pairing course in my sommelier certification yet – come to think of it I haven’t completed any course yet. You’re the expert, I’ll look forward to your recommendation.

  • Anne Douglas

    Just picked up a Jackson-Triggs 2007 Proprietors’ Reserve Cabernet Franc / Cabernet Sauvignon today thanks to this post. Looking forward to trying it.

    I love that one of your resolutions is to drink more local wine. Hopefully that means more recommendations of local-yokel wines…

    • Travis Oke

      Absolutely – I used to keep one token Ontario wine in my cellar just in case an American friend came to visit. Now I want more of them just in case I want a delicious wine.
      EASTDELL BLACK CAB is another great one

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