Best of 2009

Admittedly I have only been blogging for 5 weeks so it’s a little misleading to have a “Best Of” posting.  However, as anyone who knows me will attest to I have talked about my blog so much that it seems that I must have been blogging all year.

I have learned much during the past 5 weeks.  I have learned that I can become obsessed with my own writing – as a PE teacher I love it when people in my English department give my writing a passing grade and I stay awake most of the night if they give me anything higher than that (Billy Munnelly and Natalie MacLean’s online comments kept me awake for a week).  Also,  I don’t care if my editor Andrew Douglas has hit my blog site for half of the 600 hits that I’ve received, his good opinion is worth it even if he is stalking me.

I read the other day that top 5 lists are all the rage, replacing the top 1o list – that says something about our attention span and busy lives doesn’t it?  If you do make New Year’s resolutions then make one to slow down and enjoy your glass of wine while doing nothing else.  Don’t computer surf, watch TV, or read a magazine – allow yourself only the distraction of another person’s company.

I have listed my top 5 postings  for 2009.  Click on the title if you want to go back and read some of my favorite earlier posts.

1. Say it out loud – make sure you click the Germans who say nice things hyperlink, it makes my wife giggle

2. Wine Lesson number 1 – it’s always fun to write about something stupid that you did

3. A Case of Champagne please – my favorite wine writer Billy Munnelly wrote me after this one and called it BRILLIANT , the most encouraging email I’ve ever received that wasn’t from my mother. My favorite line – “that’s a level of snobbery that I am interested in”.

4. A wine cellar this Christmas – “keep something French and white in your cellar and I don’t mean a mime” – Andrew, Anne, and Doreen all wrote me within 10 minutes of this posting telling me they loved the mime reference.

5. Beaujolais Nouveau Party – because my blog’s first comment was from Doreen who knew that Carolyn did pooh pooh the wine and drank beer instead

Thanks to my school’s Co-op department for listening to me talk about my blog everyday, to Andrew for hooking me up with wordpress, to my brother in Spain and Rob & Carolyn for inspiring me, to Shelley for letting me write and pick wines for the Red Brick Cafe (the finest cafe in Guelph), and to Danielle whose company is my only distraction when enjoying a glass of wine.


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5 responses to “Best of 2009

  • Brother in Spain

    My favourite episodes are always the flash-back “remember when” episodes! I can’t wait until you’ve written enough “remember when” blog posts that you can do an entire flash-back post that highlights only your “remember when” posts.

    • Travis Oke

      Good to hear from you Brother in Spain.
      If it helps, think of the Scooby-doo wavy lines each time you click on a title to read an old posting.

      • Brother in Spain

        I’m grilling chorizo and chicken and also opened a 2006 R. del Duero Crianza (about $4 Canadian at the German discount grocery store. . . God Bless Lidl!)

        Can’t wait for your Spain Blogs this summer. We’ll visit Domecq.

  • Heather Drakich

    Oh Travis,
    I have really missed your narrative. You have always had a wonderful way with words. If I was more articulate I would be able to tell you how fun your blog is. That’s all you get…’fun’ oh ya, and educational. hmmmm. That is why you are the blogger, pas moi.

    I can’t believe I’m about to admit this but I feel like a grade 9 student, who, on the first day of school took so long to find their class that once at their desk they realize that they are in the wrong class just as the bell rings. Instead of getting out of there as fast as possible the student stays in their seat pretending they know what is going on in this grade 12 french class.

    I have very little idea what most of you are talking about since I drink wine infrequently but since everyone here is having such a good time with it…I’m in.
    Wine selection has always been a big mystery for me so I’ll sit in the back of the class and absorb your foreign language of wine and try to increase my wine knowledge up from more than ‘there is red and there is white’, (although, even I know to stay away from that pink/rose stuff).
    I did get the Scooby-Doo reference though.

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