Remy Pannier Muscadet – everyday white

How chic is French wine?  If you can casually drop the words Chateauneuf du Pape and Pouilly Fuisse at a party you elevate your party status to “interesting” at least.

French wines are classic, like French cuffs and berets.  This dry white wine from the Loire is a great everyday white.

LCBO 13821 | Price: $ 12.95

This wine is from the Loire near the Atlantic.  I love a white wine that is flinty and minerally.   This one also has some floral and citrus that balances nicely with the “geology” character.  You will wish you had somebody shucking oysters for you right now.


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One response to “Remy Pannier Muscadet – everyday white

  • brother in spain

    I’m not against your wine, but I’d like you to find a time when I don’t want somebody shucking oysters for me! (you’re probably right that I don’t buy enough white)

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