Conflict of Interest

Live in Guelph?  Close to Guelph?  Heard of Guelph?  Have you been to the Red Brick Cafe downtown on Douglas street?  If you haven’t then shame on you.  Guelph has a great downtown and the Red Brick Cafe is one of the finest anywhere.  A European inspired cafe that displays local artists, serves espresso, baked goods, pizza and Panini, but most importantly to pullthecork readers,  it has a delicious wine list.

Here’s where the conflict of interest starts – Shelley Krieger, the owner, lets me select the wines each month so really I am shamelessly promoting myself – but isn’t that what the word “blog” means?  The wine tasting set up is one of the cleverest anywhere (Shelley’s clever idea).  For $8 you get to try three wines, there is no wine snobby person talking you through them. In place of a snooty sommelier you are provided with the tasting notes that I wrote.  The notes are informative, entertaining, easy to read … there I go “blogging” again.

Also, the wines change monthly – for less than $20 a couple you can plan a date night each month and enjoy a changing selection of wines.  Chances are you will run to the LCBO and buy a bottle of your favorite (or buy a half case like I recommended  in Y210K It’s Time to Panic).

For January the wines move to South America where it’s warmer this month than it is in Guelph.  Somehow knowing that makes me feel warmer when tasting these wines.  There is a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, a reserve Malbec, and a Carmenere that will warm you inside when it’s snowing outside.

The wine tasting is daily from 11am to 11pm.  The list of wines can be found on the Red Brick Cafe website.


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2 responses to “Conflict of Interest

  • pdpace

    I am so there! And such a great deal too! Though I will have to come in the warmer months. I looked up the weather in your fair city to see that it was a bit too brisk for this 40-something-that-hasn’t-seen-a-Chicago-winter-in-three-years type of guy! Tell me, How do you keep the wines at the right temperature?

    • Travis Oke

      Thanks Phil in Genoa Italy for reminding us how cold it is here in Canada. We keep our whites out in the snow and our reds near our furnaces. That keeps them both at optimal temperatures.

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