Of Course I’m a Wine Snob

First of all, everybody is a snob.   In fact my whole family is a bunch of snobs. My wife is a bathroom snob.  She is also turning into a cheese snob. This is the girl that in college kept a can of spray cheese under her car seat. When we told our daughters this they exclaimed, “You can get cheese in a spray can?”  They are not cheese snobs.  They are stuffed animal snobs – all Webkinz, all the time.

Secondly, a snob is not a jerk. A snob is simply somebody who will not accept sub-standard.  In fact they are intentional about their standards.  Couldn’t we use more of that in our world?  People who put forth that kind of effort are worth more of  my time.

Personal wine standards have to start and stop somewhere. I, for one, won’t drink a wine that includes a pun in its name (see A Wine by any other name) or that comes in an aluminium haggis.

Some people just happen to be wine snobs and I’m not sure why people don’t appreciate that more.

I know a wine snob.  In fact one of the things that I love about her is that she is a wine snob.  She is the only person who attends my Beaujolais party and doesn’t like ANY of the wines.  This year I gave her Mill Street beer.  It’s a level of snobbery a little higher than I am comfortable embracing, but I can appreciate the effort. I’m going to thank her for it tomorrow.

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