La Romaine Rhone – everyday red

LCBO 28779 |Price: $ 12.95

“When we read we begin with A-B-C, when we drink we begin with Cotes-Du-Rhone” – paraphrasing Julie Andrews.  My favorite wine writer, Billy Munnelly, starts his Wine Boot Camp with a Cotes du Rhone (but not this one).  He says that if you understand Cotes du Rhone then you understand most of the world’s red wines. I believe him (mostly because he has authored a book and I haven’t).

Syrah and Grenache : Spice and Fruit.  Each grape in this wine adds its character that has made them favorites in Spain, Australia, and in North America.  Produced right in the same region as Gigondas, Vacqueyras, and Chateauneuf du Pape at a fraction of the price.  Pretend that you are drinking a $50 bottle and act a little snobby if you like. The French would love it if you did.

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One response to “La Romaine Rhone – everyday red

  • pdpace

    My current everyday red: Montepulciano d”Abruzzo. 2008 Yummy dry red in a 1.5 liter for under 3 euro. My bottle says it is great with appetizers and indeed it is. I drink a glass with our olives and cheese before almost every dinner. Your recommendation is one I will be looking for. I’m thinking I need to frequent a real wine store around here! My supermarkets are really impartial to Italian only wines. Ciao!

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