Los Molinos Gran Reserva – everyday Red

aka How I fell in love with the Red Brick Café

This is really a wine tasting note but there’s a great story in it so just bear with me and read on.

Just after the Red Brick Café opened in Guelph I walked in to find that they also served wine!  Excellent.  I was very surprised to find that their house red was a Gran Reserva. Who serves a Gran Reserva for a house wine when you can make a killing on Citra or some other $6 bottle of non-offensive red?  I had to meet this owner – who turned out to be Shelley – who turned out to love both her café and wine – who turned into a friend – who now let’s me select the wines for her café.  So really this wine found me a café, a friend, and a wine gig.  Pretty cool.

LCBO 620971 | Price: $ 14.70  VALDEPENAS – selected because it was Red Brick Cafes first Spanish house wine

A Gran Reserva ages 5 years – 2 in American oak barrels and 3 in the bottle before release.  This aromatic wine from a tiny area in La Mancha tastes of moderate smooth tannins and vanilla. It is medium bodied with flavours of red fruit.

Unlike Rioja wines, here the tempranillo grape is smoother and takes on quite a bit of oak.  It’s a great price for a Gran Reserva and tasty too (and people can say “oooh a Gran Reserva”, and you can be all “its just a little something I picked up”, and they can exclaim “that’s so totally  thoughtful” … etc. etc.)

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5 responses to “Los Molinos Gran Reserva – everyday Red

  • Christina

    I’m not commenting on the wine; I’m commenting on the blog – I love it! Oh, and I’ll have fun trying the wine too!

  • Brother in Spain

    I get to drive through Valdepeñas on my way to Madrid. . . don´t buy enough of it (some of it is terrible – even the reservas.) It´s quite possible that Shelley has one-uped Botin in Madrid by going with the Gran Reserva. Botin settled for a Crianza. Go Red Brick!

  • Geoff

    A Gran Reserva wine with a hint of Oke for only 14.70? Fantastic. You’ve got my interest. I will pick up a bottle to share with friends, to whom I can say “How’s it taste, buds?” Thanks for the tip.

  • Don Kovach Hammer

    Yes it is a shopping weekend. Is it a Spanish weekend? I must take a trip to Cranberry tomorrow. I think I will make it Spanish. It travels well.

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