LCBO – just stop it!

In a 1978 TV special “Rescue from Gilligan’s Island” (I’m sure you can guess how that episode ended), the professor was excited to show the world his new inventions – one was the Frisbee!  We all knew what he didn’t know – all his inventions had already been invented.

There is hardly anything more deflating than coming up with a good idea only to discover that somebody else had the same idea. This has happened to me over and over and the LCBO people are becoming my nemesis.

Seriously, if I wasn’t driving me mad it would be laughable. Each month I come up with a theme for the wine tastings at Red Brick Cafe. In October I selected the theme of  100 mile diet – two weeks later the LCBO advertises “go local”.  I select Argentina and Chile to feature – two weeks later?  Yes, stupid Argentina and Chile are on the LCBO cover (sorry that should be stupid LCBO – I don’t even know who’s driving me mad anymore).  I do France they do France – stop it!

So this month I draw upon all my creative energy, along with my degree in Physical Education, and come up with a very clever pairing of wines to Olympic events.  I even get two wines from BC (that’s near Vancouver) to make the list.  Not every sommelier can pair wines with Olympic events – surely this is my genius. 

Yesterday I got sent a link from the Edmonton Journal. Writer Nick Lees  pairs wine with … well I think you can guess how this episode ends.

So Nick Lees, if that is your real name, I am either now mad at you or we are both geniuses on either side of the same country.  I like the second ending.


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