Opening Ceremonies – put 2 on ice

Hey, it’s the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics tonight!  What better way to celebrate than with a bottle of Canadian bubbly from one of the official sponsors of Vancouver 2010.

Jackson-Triggs Proprieters’ Reserve 2007 Sparkling Cuvee is in my ice box right now. One for the ceremonies and one for our first gold medal. I hope both events don’t occur within minutes of each other or I might have to share the second bottle with my wife ( an old french joke ).

Canada | Vincor International Inc.
LCBO 563213  $ 14.95

I haven’t opened this yet so it’s a little hard to review.  But, from what I recall it is bubbly with champagne-like characteristics.  Fizzy on the palate, serve very cold for maximum coldness. Also, don’t look down the barrel of the bottle while you are opening it or you will get a cork shot at your head at an alarming speed – I’ve seen it done and while it is very funny you do get the feeling that it could be dangerous.

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