Olympic Wine Pairing – for the halfpipe

I guess I’m a sports snob as well. Somebody tell me why we are pairing the lengthy tradition of the Olympic games with the X-games?  Seriously, let’s put the snowboard halfpipe back on ESPN 7 where it belongs. This is a medal sport?  Ridiculous

It looked like an act of desperation when the Fonz  appeared on Laverne and Shirley. Is it that bad Monsieur Rogge that we have to cater to the X-treme sport fans just to increase our ratings? Even the ski cross should be run after all the medals have been awarded, just for exhibition, just for the fans – like they do with figure skating. Anyone who wants to race to the bottom can enter – even the fans – like a pro-am golf event.

Now to the wine pairing.  For the halfpipe I would recommend a bottle of Wild Irish Rose –  you can pick it up at any gas station in South Carolina for $3 US.  The aroma is sweet but the taste is a lot like the gas station you bought it at. If your tastes are a little more refined you could pair the halfpipe with a bottle of homemade wine that has been stored beside your furnace for the past 5 winters.


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7 responses to “Olympic Wine Pairing – for the halfpipe

  • John

    Put a period or ‘!’ after “ridiculous” and I may side with you. Ski-cross was unreal today (and great for ratings) and a bottle of WIR would have been great (not). We use to buy 4L Carlo Rossi Chiant in the US for about $10 and drink it around the campfire in VT. It was great for acid reflux – reminded me of a Texaco station (I’m having flashback to my childhood now).

  • Andrew Douglas


    So what, I’m supposed to get all jazzed watching Norwegians pack rifles around a cross-country ski course? Just because a sport is fun to watch doesn’t make it an affront to the Olympic spirit. Give me dope-smoking dropouts careening down a snowcross course any day over some endless endurance sport.


    • Travis Oke

      I guess I have a lot more time for a sport developed by men defending their country from the godless communists than a sport developed by teenage boys who say “dude” with every other word – or every word

  • John

    Oh this is a fun blog dude!

  • Eddie

    Dude, why so down on the snowboarders – and teenage boys for that reason? Could it be that you only had girls? Teenage boys and girls don’t mix well for most fathers. And to try and pair a wine with the halfpipe event is just silly – nothing refined and snobbish here. Just good old adrenaline mixed with some of the most talented athletes the mountain sports have to offer (have you ever seen a real mountain?) Try pair this sport with a shot of Anjeo Tequila, no, 2 shots. Or better yet, 2 shots of cheap, yet still highly drinkable, single malt scotch like 10 yr. Aberlour. The $30 bottles always taste like $100 bottles when you’re out being a “teenage boy”. Buy the way, I thought it was cool when the Fonz appeared on Lavern and Shirley – but not as cool as when be jumped the shark on water skis! (now that should go in the summer olympics!). Peace.

  • Hammer

    If you have the opportunity to buy one bottle of the Rose, you should definitely buy two and keep the second one in the trunk of your car. You cannot believe how it takes off those big bugs that go splat all over your windshield!

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