Pelee Island Gamay Noir Zweigelt – Olympic Pairing

I’m watching ski aerials from the Vancouver 2010 games.  C’est fou (my new favorite french expression)!  I think I’m afraid of heights.  I didn’t know that until they showed the camera angle from the top of the hill. I definitely knew it when they showed the camera from underneath the jump.  I think somehow, somewhere this event got out of control in a hurry! Yikes.

PELEE ISLAND Gamay Noir Zweigelt 2008
LCBO 216028 | Price: $ 10.95 Pelee Island, Ontario

 The Gamay Noir grapes make this a juicy wine with a spicy finish from the Zweigelt. It is an easy drinking light wine but the finish is surprising long. The spice notes add some real character and make it quite an interesting wine.

Pelee Island winery uses the Southern Flying Squirrel on the label. It makes me think that it should be gulped while watching the ski jumping or aerial ski events.  Gulp while you gasp in disbelief over the fact that these people are on skis and in the air, and most of the time upside down.

The “flying squirrel” wine is being served at the Red Brick Café this month.


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5 responses to “Pelee Island Gamay Noir Zweigelt – Olympic Pairing

  • John

    I’ve had this wine – and I recall that it was enjoyable. I also recall it was light which is not my fav. I like heavier, spicier, currant laden reds. In this case however the pairing of the squirrel and the aerials is appropo if nothing else. I did not pair my aerials with this wine as I was drowning my sorrows with something heavier as the Canadian men went down in a blaze of glory!

  • essexwinereview

    Gamay’s tend to be light, much like a Beaujolais nouveau.

  • Travis Oke

    Absolutely, that’s why I love the addition of Zweigelt. The French and the Austrians meeting in a bottle from Pelee! How civilized.

  • Sebastiaan Geijtenbeek

    I totally agree with Travis; Like John I like spicy heavy wines. Many guests have complained about my heavy taste.
    This wine is one of the exceptions.
    I think the blend is more then great. Gamay tends to make light wines, Zweigelt can make a very intense dark wine. This winehouse has exceeded itself imho, with this wine.

    In blend it is a rare find, in taste it is quite superior, looking at its pricing.

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