Who wins?

So who won the Olympics?  I would say that I did, since I tried 5 different Canadian wines and watched 1500 hours of TV coverage. Also, congratulations to Canada for winning the 2010 Winter Olympic games.  What? Didn’t we come in third?  Trust the wine consultant with the PE degree one last time.

There is no “official” winning country as far as the IOC is concerned (some crazy “everybody wins” idea).   Our bumper sticker philosophers tell us that he who has the most toys when he dies wins.  Does this world view make anyone else a little nauseous? USA and Germany, you won the most medals – congratulations on finishing 2nd and 3rd so many times.  You officially have the most toys.

Now Canada – Congratulations on being the best in the most events (we call those GOLD medals).   In my world view having quality is more desireable than having the most.  In fact, 13 gold medals is the most ever won by one country in a Winter Olympic games!  Too bad we’re so polite up here because part of me wants to shout “we’re fantastic” to the rest of the world.  And now it’s time to celebrate.

LCBO 451641 | Price: $ 21.95

The tiny bubbles in this sparkling wine remind you that “champagne” is for celebrations.  Watching them can be mesmerizing.  The proper way to open champagne is to slowly turn the bottle while holding the cork, gently easing the cork out so that there is very little sound made when it is finally opened.  Forget this, it’s a celebration – pullthecork, make a little noise, and have some spillage.

The wine has a lemony finish with the toasty, yeasty flavours that you would expect from a sparkling wine.

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