Party at the Red Brick

Spring is here (well close enough, I’ve packed my winter jacket) and so is the new wine and beer menu at the Red Brick Café.

Tuesday night is the launch party of the new wine menu (my creation) served with some tasty food (Jessica’s creation).  Party starts at 7 pm – yours truly will be there talking up the new wines.  If you have never seen owner Shelley Kreiger at a party then you need to come for just that.

I can’t let you in on the wines just yet but I can give three hints.

A Riesling that is steely and becomes floral when it warms up.

A great trattoria sipper from the old country.

A delicious Shiraz with a twist.

Think about it! And be there if you can.


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5 responses to “Party at the Red Brick

  • Kathy

    Dear Mr. Oke,
    I love reading Pull The Cork ! Your writing style is so refreshing! I’m hoping I can take a Spring/Summer vacation & dine on the Red Brick padio . . . a truly relaxing time with the best of your recommended wines.


    Mrs. Marc Wallack

  • Travis Oke

    Our friends from America are always welcome at the Red Brick Café. The patio is going to be great.

  • pdpace

    Wish I could be there! Sounds like a great time. The temperature needs to be at least 20 though!

  • Travis Oke

    Probably will be at least 20 for our summer menu – stay tuned for June’s summer launch. For those who missed the event last night you missed FREE wine and beer samples and FREE food samples – C’est fou!

  • John

    Give us a “good heads” up for your next event!

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