Starting a wine cellar – the American way

What can a good Canadian boy learn from the Americans?  First of all it’s fair to remind you that I married one.  However, right now Thomas Jefferson and  Benjamin Franklin are on the top of my list.  

Sure they are founding fathers and there’s the electricity thing too – but let me tell you, those men knew how to start a wine cellar. 

Thomas Jefferson may have been America’s first wine connoisseur.  Can you believe his good fortune at being named American Ambassador to France?  I want to be named ambassador to France! Upon arriving in France he purchased 276 bottles to start his new cellar there. Soon his cellar boasted over 250 bottles from Montrachet and Meursault (two great Burgundy towns), and 180 bottles of Chateau Margaux to name a few. 

Benjamin Franklin had a Paris cellar of more than 1,000 bottles with an emphasis on Champagne. That’s a good start – for your Paris cellar!  

I have a small cellar.  Actually it’s more of a holding spot since the bottle never stay there very long. So what have I learned from these great American men?

Jefferson, Franklin, and John Adams outlawing overly oaked Chardonnay in America

1. There’s more to life than discovering electricity and founding a nation. 

2. I want to be the Ambassador to France – I think my wife would approve. 

3. I hope I get to have a Paris cellar someday – it will have an emphasis on Champagne. 

4. If I ever have 180 bottles of Chateaux Margaux in my cellar I will also probably be in personal debt – my wife will not approve.

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