Pull the cork – the best corkscrew

The blog is called pullthecork and yet I have not taken the time to share the best way to pull the cork.  There are many ways – the easiest is to use a screwcap but sometimes a cork just seems proper! I have a friend who has pushed the cork  down into the bottle with a screwdriver. That works. It’s also a great way to splash wine all over your shirt.

I never travel without my Pulltaps Corkscrew. It is simply the best corkscrew ever invented. Double lever arm, Teflon screw, serrated foil cutter, and comfortable on the fingers.  It just feels like the perfect fishing rod in your hands – a fishing rod that gets you a glass of wine instead of a fish that still needs cleaning. 
AH- SO Cork Puller Double Prong

The Ah-So is a great way to uncork a bottle without damaging the cork and getting bits of cork in the wine. More importantly it impresses a crowd.  Rock cork puller back and forth as you push prongs between bottle and cork. When prongs are fully inserted in bottle, pull and twist and cork will be removed. C’est magic.

If you have an engineering degree then you may enjoy the tricks of the frightenly complex, yet simple, Rabbit.  “Lower, raise, lower, raise” – voila!  Personally I don’t like it – it feels like I am using an invention from the industrial age. That’s no way to pullthecork.

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3 responses to “Pull the cork – the best corkscrew

  • Brad Woods

    I’ve never put any thought in to pulling the cork, I simply use my Swiss Army Knife, but you’ve convinced me (seriously). I think I’m going to get the Ah-So on my way home tonight, where should I pick one up?

  • John

    Ali and I were out west desperately wanting to get into a bottle but the ever present cork remover had been removed from the luggage pocket (hmmm?). I made my way down to the hotel kitchen where the cook handed me the Ah-so – as I’ve now learned it’s called. I had no idea how it worked and promptly put the cork into the bottle rather than extracting it! Less ah-so and more ass-#^&%! If I had your blog last summer I would have got it right! I’ve tried them all and I still love the pulltaps version (i.e. the one in my luggage bag!?).

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