Don’t be afraid of “Champagne” from Spain

I can forgive anyone who ignores my New Year’s Resolution #1 – to drink more white wine.  Perhaps white wine is not for everyone. What I can’t understand is when people tell me they never drink Champagne.  Why the heck not?  Champagne is for everyone. In the words of Mark Twain, ” Too much of anything is bad, but too much Champagne is just right.”

I have a friend who thinks that he may be a little intimidated by Champagne.  That’s crazy talk that needs to be met head on with therapy – and the Doctor is in! 

There is nothing in the world like Champagne – it delights both the palate and the imagination.  Champagne is delicate, dry, festive, and fun!  That is what wine is supposed to be. 

What is not fun is the price of Champagne. The good stuff starts at $70 at the LCBO. That is a little intimidating. Fortunately, I have a solution.

Cava is just like Champagne for a fraction of the price. Nobody has ever claimed to be intimidated by Cava. Bottled using the Methode Champenoise (translation – the way they make it, by law, in the region of Champagne), it is essentially “Champagne from Spain”.   Cava is dry, has bubbles, and looks great in a flute. 

Open one of these on a week night.  It’s not crazy – it’s Cava!

LCBO 158493  Price: $ 14.45 – green apple, light citrus, dry.

 FREIXENET CORDON NEGRO BRUT LCBO 88591 Price: $ 13.95 –  crisp, apple, pear.

LCBO 6262 | Price: $ 12.20 may be the most “toasty” of the three

  Also, check out the many Vintages “Champagnes”.  I like a good Crémant de Bourgogne, Alsace, or Loire when the price is right.  I also like a Prosecco – if it is very dry.

Get out and buy yourself two champagne flutes, buy a bottle of “Champagne”, and delight in a little luxury.  Do it!  This means you.


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9 responses to “Don’t be afraid of “Champagne” from Spain

  • John

    You can’t just say “looks great in a flute” and not expect people to harken back to their high school days. Next you’ll be telling me it looks good in a trombone!

    I am so shocked by the number of people I know that don’t like champagne. What? How is it possible these people are my friends. They like wine and cheese … but not the magical champagne!

    I love champagne – I wish I could afford $70 bottles – but for now, I’ll try the ones you’ve suggested that I haven’t had already. Thanks Doc!

  • Travis Oke

    We celebrated Easter with a bottle of Segura Viudas Brut Reserva – it tasted like spring – there is a nice “greenness” about it that reminds me of a green twig that bends but doesn’t break.

  • Brother in Spain

    Literal Traslation of “Segura Viudas Brut Reserva” = Dry Reserved Secure Widows. Now that’s a nice Cava.

    Re: the green twig: If it bends it’s funny, if it breaks. . . ?

  • Heather

    Hi!! I saw your blog on the wordpress dashboard – impressive content.

    For those who don’t like whites and lump all sparkling wine into that category, there are some really fantastic sparkling rosé wines out there… I was able to get my mother started on sparkling wine with a wine called Black Bubbles – a sparkling Shiraz from Shingleback winery in McLaren Vale, Australia.

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