That is Big

Sometimes when I visit my in-laws, my wife’s Dad has a 1.5 litre bottle of wine on hand.  Its called a Magnum, and its convenient if you don’t like opening bottles. It also seems the American way – bigger is always better.

Maybe that’s why Beringer winery in Napa bottled the equivalent of 14+ cases of Cabernet Sauvignon (173 bottles) into one bottle in 2001!  A visit from Guinness confirmed the bottle, named “Maximus”, a world record. The cork itself cost $3500! Apparently the gauntlet had been thrown down because it just gets silly from here – really silly.

[LargeformatFiveVirtues.jpg]In 2006 the Aussies – where everything is bigger – upped California with a bottle that contained the equivalent of 387 bottles of Shiraz.   Next – In 2007 the Austrians put together a bottle with 640 bottles worth of wine – probably because they got tired of being confused with Australia in wine competitions.  This year somebody in China bottled almost 2500 bottles worth of Claret in a bottle that stands 15 feet high. At least they had the good sense to fill it with Bordeaux not having any great wine regions of their own. Somebody tell me why is Texas sitting on its hands and letting the communists win this contest? Come on Texas!

My brother thinks that you would need one of those wine suctiony things in order to keep the wine fresh. I think that makes as much sense as anything else you’ve just read.

Put aside for a moment the problem of opening it – how do you pour it?

Very generously.


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