Australian Cabernets – $20 Reds

I enjoyed two great Australian wines last night and I thought it only good form to write a letter of appreciation. This letter is to Kathy, a Yalumba wines representative that I met recently. She knows her wine.

Dear Kathy,

We had a chance to try two great Yalumba products last night –  the Ringbolt and the Mawson’s Hill Block 3 Cabernet Sauvignon.

It was a small dinner party featuring risotto al funghi (Mario or Jamie’s recipe, I can’t remember – I watch far too much Food Network).  I cooked while the ladies started with a spring salad of shaved fennel, pears, and Parmesan Reggiano, tossed with prosciutto and garnished with asparagus spears. Yes, that does sound delicious. We started with a chilled unoaked Chardonnay from Kacaba, an Ontario craft winery, while I worked the risotto – stir, add stock, repeat, repeat, and repeat until al dente. 

We tasted both Cab Savs with the risotto.  They are so diverse – probably reflective of their growth regions. I know that terroir is something that Yalumba is trying to show off a little bit in Australia.

The Mawson’s was a fruit forward,  medium bodied wine while the Ringbolt hit you just like the name implied that it might.  I loved the tannic structure and strength of the Ringbolt but at the same time the Mawson’s was quite delicate for a Cab Sav.  Very nice – they appealed to all three of us at the dinner table.  I think you could more likely drink the Mawson’s without food while the Ringbolt needed all the Parmesan Reggiano, mushrooms, and pancetta garnish  to stand up to its tannins. It was difficult to tell which wine paired well with the chocolate dessert since we were honestly too full to taste anything at that point.

Thank you so much for contributing to a wonderful evening with the wines.


Note to the reader (you – not Kathy) both wines are available at Vintages – I know for a fact that Kathy already knew this. Get them both if you can.  In fact, get the Kacaba unoaked Chardonnay too!


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