Ironic – don’t you think

“It’s a black fly in your Chardonnay… isn’t it ironic, don’t you think”.  I just had an English teacher rant to me that this isn’t even ironic.  It’s scary when an English teacher rants.  Chardonnay and Irony – those are things to rant about.

Do you think that finding a black object in a white wine is ironic and not simply a contrast in colours? I am no English teacher (PE degree from York actually) but I “really do think” that there are more ironic things than a black fly in your chardonnay.  

Is it ironic because you wanted to send the wine back but couldn’t come up with a good reason –  planned to use “waiter, what’s this fly doing in my wine” – when suddenly you look down and “Hey everyone, there really is a fly in my wine!” Maybe it’s ironic because you bought an expensive Chardonnay with the lottery money you just won and you’re about to choke on the fly and die (the next day).

What is ironic is that this album has sold 33 million copies worldwide and that I own one of them.

File:AlanisMorissetteJaggedLittlePill.jpgIf I can go back to “ironic” for a minute the only really good definition I have ever heard was from my friend Glenn- “The man who poisoned the ribs got run over by the rib truck” – thanks Glenn.


Also, I had a good Chardonnay the other day – Kaçaba unoaked Chardonnay (LCBO 101469 $14.95).

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3 responses to “Ironic – don’t you think

  • essexwinereview

    Travis, my wife has that CD and I actually like it. She now has it loaded onto her ipod so I don’t get to hear hear this music as often anymore.

    What I find ironic is “the good advice that they just didn’t take.” When I tell people about a really bad wine and they buy it anyway and tell me it was bad. Isn’t it ironic… don’t you think. 🙂

    Gary Killops

  • Brad

    What the heck is a Rib Truck?!

  • John

    Ok – so the irony is in the fact that it’s not particularly ironic, don’t you think. I think you need to be north of 45 to really appreciate a black fly anyway and then really what’s the prob? I get beer bugs (sap bugs) in my suds – but i never stop and think, “gee isn’t that ironic”!

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