Harbour Midnight – Everday Red

My local LCBO advertised that some Ontario Craft wineries were coming to the tasting room – I thought that sounded like a great idea so I went to the tasting room.  I found this tasty craft wine that is available at the LCBO and is going on sale April 26 for $9.95.

LCBO 58479 | Price: $ 10.95

13% Alcohol/Vol.

This wine is Cabernet Franc forward (56%) – which is great because I love Cabernet Franc from Ontario. It is blended with some Cabernet Sauvignon (32%)  and Merlot (12%) – which is also great because I love letting the winemaker show off their skills – something they can’t do as much with a single varietal wine.  It is a light wine, low in alcohol, and reminds me a little of a really good homemade wine or a light Beaujolais.  It is a simple wine that is a great addition to my “I can’t stop drinking this” category.  And for my many neo-hippie locavore friends this is as good as it gets – small winery, good product, and only 93 kms from the café.

Winemaker notes

Powerful nose, with rich black fruits, smoke, eucalyptus, mint and anise. Soft on the palate, with a delicate richness. Blackberries, subtle blueberries and spice are noticeable. A truly elegant wine.

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