Throwing a blind wine tasting

I got this idea from a wine bar in San Francisco that does this every Tuesday night. 

The bottles identities are hidden in wrapping

We ended up with 7 people to blind taste 6 wines.  The wines were brought by the guests and were all in the “bistro red” category. The price point averaged about $12.

Everybody knew a little something about wine – one couple even subscribes to Wine Spectator.  I was actually afraid that they might sandbag the event by bringing a $40 Shiraz but they played fair in the end and brought my favorite. 

4 dozen wine glasses were rented (so that we didn’t resort to coloured plastic Ikea cups). The pours began and the wines were scrutinized. 

5 of my glasses and my preliminary notes

There were some interesting results.  One wine smelled like “pickle juice” – but tasted better than that.  The wine that I liked best nobody else liked (not a good sign for a blogger – my only consolation was afterwards when I learned that Robert Parker Jr. gave it a 90 – good for me).  The Ontario wine stood up well to the competition but in the end a French Cotes du Rhone got 4 out of 7 first place votes! 

Full results will be posted later this week.

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4 responses to “Throwing a blind wine tasting

  • John

    Yum pickle juice~!

  • billy munnelly

    Travis, four of your friends have good taste. Lucky you.

  • Brother in Spain

    Is Bistro just French for what the Spanish call a “Bar”. Also, were there any Spanish wines in the mix or does “bistro” limit you to one country? Here in Spain you don’t see many wine bottles in newspaper, but there are plenty of 1 litre tetra packs going on.

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