And the winner is …

 I played a Blind tasting game with my friends Friday night! We all brought  a “bistro red”  that cost around $12. We wrapped them in newspaper, poured them, drank them and voted on them. It was fun but also a little scary as I suspected that everyone else at the table had a better palate than I did – that’s a lot of pressure as the only person there who writes a wine blog.

Seven of us ranked the wines and then cast our votes to find the winner and the results were interesting.
Best overall scoreTrapiche Reserve Malbec 2007 LCBO 614651 | $ 11.95
Most first-place votesLa Vieille Ferme (4 out of 7 first place votes) LCBO 298505 | $ 11.95
My personal favorite (and I was alone on this one) – Monte Antico, Toscana Vintages 069377 | $ 14.95  At least Wine Spectator supported me by scoring it a 90 even if nobody else loved it. 
Other notes of interest – The top two wines scored well ahead of the other four.   Also,  four of the six wines recieved a first place vote!

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4 responses to “And the winner is …

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    […] you miss the results of my blind tasting party –  the winner, with 4 out of 7 first place votes, was […]

    • Jason Beggs

      Just stumbled across your blog. La Vielle Ferme has been a ‘go to’ wine for my wife and I for years. She has been drinking it since her university days. It is inexpensive and consistenlty good. We purchase it by the case. It is not necessarily one that you pull out for special occasions, but it certainly never fails us.

      Thanks for this blog, I will check out your more recent posts too.

      • Travis Oke

        Yes “the old farm” is a nice Rhone for everyday drinking – la Romaine Venus is also a great Rhone for everyday drinking. Not quite as rustic as La Vieille Ferme
        LCBO 28779 |Price: $ 12.95

  • Jake

    Doing this is always fun (and definitely scary) as it throws out all preconceptions, yet you can end up raving about a wine that could surprise you.

    The Monte Antico is a killer deal…. I wouldn’t fault you for liking that!


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