Southern Rhone – a lesson in Terroir

Southern Rhone terroir - would you start farming here?

I love the wines of the Southern Rhone.   In fact the spectacular Chateauneuf du Pape ($$$), Gigondas ($$), and Vacqueyras ($) wines are from this region.  However, take a close look at the terroir – we call it dirt (the French really do have a way with words).  The farmers grow grapes in this!  Who was the first guy to think that would work?

When I think of growing something I think of my grade 9 Geography teacher (doesn’t grade 9 Terroir sound more interesting) who taught me the words  humus and loam. That’s what you look for if you are starting a farm.  If you look closely in the next photo you might see some dirt – it’s hard to see. I love that wine grows in this “soil”.  Fantastique.  What will the French think of  next?

Can you see the dirt?

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