LCBO stats – Holy Fuzion Batman!

A recent study showed that 87% of statistics are misleading and the other 13% are made up.

These are some real LCBO sales stats from Wine Align.

 “A quick glance at the most recent sales statistics at the LCBO (2008) tells a remarkable story. Australia was down by 5.3% by volume, while France slid by 8.8%. Italy gained 1%, and Ontario sales were up 2.6%. The US, driven mainly by California, was up an impressive 11.9%, and Argentina, well, wait for this: 69.6%! It’s no secret that this incredible gain in market share by volume was driven by one singular phenomenon called Fuzion. Fuzion is the single most successful brand ever imported into Ontario, and it’s a wine from Argentina.”


Fuzion! In 2008 I got a call from my friend Roger and got on the Fuzion bandwagon for a week.  Then I asked myself, “Do I want to drink the same wine all the time?”.  I guess some people do that. But isn’t that like buying a Costco sized pack of banana popsicles instead of the variety pack?  Yes your freezer is full but I think you’ve missed the point of popsicle buying.  It’s a good value wine – especially at $7.45 –  but not worth all of my palate all the time.

Here’s my variety pack – Nero D’Avola, MezzoMondo Negroamaro Salento, Pelee Island Gamay Noir, and there’s not a banana flavoured wine among them.



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2 responses to “LCBO stats – Holy Fuzion Batman!

  • Sue Wigston

    I will admit, I did partake and affectionately named in my ‘recession wine’ when I really felt I needed to be responsible.

  • John Matthews

    I got on one side of the wagon, jumped off the other and immediately got on the Misterio Malbec super wagon driven by 6 Argentine Criollo’s. Fuzion was a big disappointment for me while the Malbec – so cheap but tastes like a million bucks (note exageration)! I’ll take a 6 pack!

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