Stewn Winery – a lesson in marketing

If you don’t like how you look then get a haircut and buy all new clothes.  That’s my advice to anyone who asks – except my wife – I am far more tactful (“you look great and those clothes still look good on you”).

Strewn Winery of Niagara just got a facelift. The wine formely known as Cabernets has been renamed and repackaged and I am impressed. 

The wine has a great clean new label and an even better name – The Rogue’s Lot!  Very Australian of them.  The Aussies have cool names for many of their red blends – “The Lackey”, “The Stump Jump” (named after a plow), and “The Angelus Bell” by Wirra Wirra to name a few.  Sometimes there are cool stories behind the wine – sometimes it’s a mystery.

Good on Strewn for coming up with a cool name and for having some fun.  It is now their best selling LCBO red wine. There is a great description of the wine on the back of the bottle – I copied it below for you.   Great wine too. 

LCBO 65342 | Price: $ 13.95

The Rogue’s Lot – Rogue: different, unusual, edgy, mischievous but likeable. A wine that stands apart. Uncompromising. A bit tangy, kind of silky. No excess baggage, take it anywhere. It will add to any food pairing. (from the bottle’s back label)


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