World Cup Soccer – let your wine decide

The World Cup starts this week in S. Africa.  There is a good chance that I forget to blog about wine while watching the world play soccer.

The way I see it, winning a World Cup pool is easy if you have a Physed degree and are a Wine Consultant.  Using my modified Diane Chambers (Cheers) method of winning a pool – “A Bear could easily beat a Dolphin” – the country with the best Wine wins each pool. If necessary I will consider the actual strength of the country’s soccer team – but I hope it doesn’t come to that.

Pool A winner France (easily) – nobody mentions the great wines from Mexico these days or as my sister-in-law says, “What idiot would choose Mexico”

Pool B winner Argentina – their Malbec and Barca star Lionel Messi make them the clear choice.  Also, the Greeks put pine pitch in their wine

Pool C winner USA – unless beer counts as wine and in that case England wins

Pool D winner Germany – yes the Aussie Shiraz is great but a nice Gewürztraminer [ɡəˈvʏɐtstʁaˈmiːnɐ] (helpful pronunciation guide) easily shifts the balance

Pool E winner Holland – okay nobody deserves this pool (Japan, Cameroon, Denmark) for their wine, but the Dutch are great drinkers

Pool F winner Italy – the Azzuri and Barolo easily beat out the crisp Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.  Also, NZ is not very good at soccer

Pool G winner Portugal – I know Brazil is very good at soccer and supermodel Gisele  Bündchen is a great Brazilian export, but Vintage Port rules. Plus Portugese captain Ronaldo is good looking too

Pool H winner Spain – 3 reasons – I love Rioja, Spain did win the Euro 2008, and I’ve always been neutral towards Swiss wine – maybe that’s what they want.

Playoff winners to follow and it’s going to get even better.  Italy and Spain are slated to be quarterfinalists against each other. Rioja vs. Barolo, Ribera del Duero vs. Barbaresco, Sherry vs Grappa – that’s a game to analyze!


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