World Cup Update – England aware of their faults

 To further support my theory that the countries with the best wines  will win their pools (World Cup Soccer – let your wine decide) – England is using an Italian as head coach!

Knowing the state of winemaking on the home front, England hired Fabio Capello to do their coaching. Appearantly the plan is that some of that good old Chianti would rub off on the lads. 

Consider that last World Cup England tried a Swedish coach. Ridiculous!  Sorry Sven-Göran  but the results speak for themselves.  Italy has great wines like Barolo and Amarone – Sweden, nothing but vodka. This theory of mine is clearly gaining momentum.

In similar news – I just had to repost this from the AP. Now I’m certain England beats USA on Saturday.

IRENE, South Africa (AP) — Bob Bradley sounds more like a student discussing a teacher than a coach talking about a rival when he speaks about Fabio Capello.

Speaking Wednesday, three days before the U.S. plays England in its World Cup opener, Bradley recalled taking his Princeton team to Italy in the 1990s when Capello coached AC Milan. Bradley has gotten to know Capello over the years.

“His quote to me, his coaching advice is always something along the lines of: `When you make wine, the grapes aren’t always the same,”‘ Bradley said. “And the first few times he said that to me, I thought he was actually talking about wine. But since then, I thought about it and I realized that he was trying to tell me a little something about football.”

Really Bob? Maybe you should have kept this one to yourself. I think he was trying to tell you a little something about football too.

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