Two summer reds – Bouchard Père & Fils

“Sweet baby Bacchus I need a great summer wine – and make it red”.  Does this sound like you?  Perhaps you’ve tried to find one and the closest you’ve come is close.   We both know that’s not close enough.  Here are my summer reds.

BOUCHARD PERE & FILS – Bouchard Père & Fils is a family winery in Burgundy France.  These wines are clearly brothers. They are similar, light reds from Burgundy and both made with Gamay.  The Mâcon Gamay has a nice sour cherry taste to it and is my favorite but I’ve never gone wrong serving a Beaujolais-Villages at a summer grill party. A great price, great flavours, and perfect for summer drinking.

Summer wines from the LCBO

    LCBO 164582 | Price: $ 13.95 

   LCBO 665448 | Price: $ 12.95

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