Locavore? Well that’s relative

My Uncle gave me homemade wine from the relatively obscure wine region of Northwestern Ontario. Is that considered a local wine?  He is my Uncle (that’s kinda local),  it was made in Ontario (a two day’s drive from where I live but still in Ontario),  and it does fit in with the 1200 mile diet that I am trying out this week (well today).

My Uncle Art, the original “most Harrowsmith man in the world”, gave me a High Bush Cranberry Wine from Dryden ON – vintage August 2009.  Usually that’s not a good sign on a vintage when they also tell you the month, but for this wine it seemed perfect.

The nose is of sweaty socks – exactly what high bush cranberries smell like – so I guess it’s off to a good start.  The colour is a lovely hue of light rhubarb, and it tastes like those stinky cranberries.  Also, it drinks like a grappa and my Uncle doesn’t tell me what the alcohol content is – so user beware.

Seriously though, I literally ran around my neighbourhood pouring glasses for 3 of my neighbours who I knew would be as excited about it as I was.

Thanks Uncle Art – you’re part Uncle, part winemaker to me. This may be how Tio Pepe got his start.

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4 responses to “Locavore? Well that’s relative

  • Brother in Spain

    “Most Harrowsmith man in the world” indeed! When we build the meat smoker out of a cardboard refrigerator box and spare oven parts scrounged from the used stuff store, I felt that somehow we were honouring uncle Art with our ingenuity and resourcefulness that eventually led to good food.

    Wish I had been there for the tasting.


    P.s. look up the Somotano region in Spain and see what you find out. I’ve been trying a number of them and I’ve been impressed.

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