Pulling the Cork in Europe – Summer 2010


This blog is going mobile. 

Besides proving to myself that the world is round – this summer I am pulling corks (and twisting them if I have to ) on the Mediterranean.  Yes, all my entries and photos will be from these great wine-making countries as I search for wine, espresso, and local food. You might be mad at me all summer – but that could be fun too!

I will also investigate why France and Italy did so poorly in this year’s World Cup.  I am afraid that it might be a bad vintage for both countries so I am determined to disprove that theory as Europe becomes my tasting lab.

Malaga - Antibes - Genoa

 “Come on move now Movin’ Keep me movin’, yeah Keep me movin’, groovin’, groovin’, yeah Movin’, Yeah Mobile, mobile, mobile, mobile, …
I’m mobile Oooooh, yeah, hee!  Mobile, mobile, mobile yeah”

(Pete Townshend, The Who)



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