Cava – Juvé y Camps

Juve Y Camps Brut Nature Gran Reserva - Reserva de la Familia 2006 Botella no. 59309

Yes I’m still in Spain. Don’t read any further if you’re not emotionally prepared to deal with that.

How cool is it that Juvé Y Camps individually numbers each one of its Gran Reserva Cava bottles with a pen? This bottle is number 59309 of 2006 vintage. We drank this on the patio with an ensalata and tournedos of grouper wrapped in bacon. Why aren’t you drinking Cava on the patio tonight?  There’s no good reason not to. My good reason for doing it is that I’m in Spain! (for more on Cava read my previous post Don’t Be Afraid of “Champagne from Spain)

The LCBO carried Juvé Y Camps 12 years ago – I remember because this is the cava that my wife and I toasted the arrival of our twins with.  Taste and wine taste memories are strong and this one has the best of memories attached to it.

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