My Olive Vendor

Mario my olive vendor

My favorite Malagueño is my olive vendor Mario. This man knows how to bring a smile to your face – and with a dozen men competing to sell olives, in the largest olive producing region in Spain, that’s important. Mario gave me an olive dusted with smoked paprika that was so big you could make a meal with just two of them. As I was enjoying the smokey flavours Mario pulled a wine skin down from the wall behind him and explained that the real Malagueños drank Moscatel, a local sweet wine, after eating olives. He proceeded to skillfully pour a stream of moscatel into his mouth at arms length! Then he passed me the wineskin! How I didn’t get red moscatel all over my face and t-shirt during my first effort drinking from a wineskin I’ll never know.  What I do know is that the smile still isn’t wiped off my face from meeting Mario.

Mario handed me his wineskin and taught me how to do this - he's my new best friend

Photos from his olive booth – and of course I spread some manteca on my toast – and yes it was delicious. When in Malaga …

I love being a Locavore - especially when in Andalucia

This is simply the most flavourful sausage I have ever eaten - mmmm Chorizo

Lomo en manteca - the manteca is the pork fat that the local Malaganians spread on toast in the morning

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