Cultural differences

It’s hard not to judge a culture by your own culture’s standards and since I am North American here goes. There are at least two things about Spain that I can’t explain.

One is the dogs. Everybody has one.  I understand that.  This is a country with bars on its windows and doors. Breaking and entering into a hacienda style house with a small fence seems easy enough to do.  Nothing like a large German Shepherd to make you think twice about that.  What I don’t understand is why nobody tells the dogs to shut up when they are barking. People actually take a break in the conversation and let the dog finish.  Not even a “quiet down”! The dogs just bark and bark – outside my window at 5 am they bark and bark. I am learning the Spanish for “shut up you stupid dog” before I go to bed tonight.

The second thing I don’t understand is how I could purchase a bottle of wine – Echave from Navarra – for 73 euro cents AND the wine is good!  73 euro cents.  The cheapest bottle I can find in the LCBO is just under $7 and it’s not very good.  Even with a bad exchange rate that bottle I drank last night cost me $1.  I even splurged on the Reserva for $3.40 just because it seemed silly not to.

So I double dare our Ontario wineries to make me a drinkable wine that costs me $1. Furthermore,  I double-dog dare the government not to tax that bottle up to $7 just so that I can have “free” health care. And speaking of double-dog dare, “Cállate estúpido perro”.


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