Bodega Antigua Casa de Guardia – Vinos de Malaga

My favorite Malagueño, Mario, read my blog and told me that I need to write more about Malaga wines.  I am inclined to listen to Mario so I headed to Casa de Guardia in the heart of the city.

It’s 10:45 and I am not the first person in the local wine bar. Now to be fair, I have been awake since 6 am since I wake up early every morning excited to be in Spain. The Antigua Casa de Guardia is authentic – it looks like the walls are held up by the photos on them and the barrels like they have been there since 1840, as do some of the patrons. This is not a glamorous NYC wine bar. The selection of a dozen Malaga wines range from very dry to molasses sweet . Your server writes the bill in chalk on the bar and then erases it with his hand after you pay. It is so cool! The portions are small so that you can try a couple of different styles. Any wine lover visiting Malaga must make this a destination.

20 barrels of Malaga wine line the wall behind the bar

The bill - "la cuenta" - written in chalk on the bar is updated with each additional order

These clam tapas were so fresh that they moved when we squirted lemon juice on them

Our bartender - he's been here since 1830

My favorite wines are the Seco Añejo – which is a dry sherry style wine – and the Pajarete – which is a little sweeter and nuttier in the style of oloroso.  “Pajarete is the wine that you want to drink in the morning … if you want to drink wine in the morning” (my sister-in-law)

More on Malaga wines and the Casa de Guardia

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2 responses to “Bodega Antigua Casa de Guardia – Vinos de Malaga

  • John

    Let’s face it – you are up early because of the dogs! I take it none of what I see on the wall is chilled – not like in a previous post. I told Ali “they chill their sherry in Spain”, like I know! Do they as a matter of course.

  • Travis Oke

    They / we chill our Fino. These wines are served a little below room temperature. A couple of the wines in the barrels could have been chilled a little more for my taste but what do I know about drinking local Malaga wine compared to my friends serving me the wine. When is Malaga do as the Malaguenos

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