Charmed by a Parisien – a lesson in Panache

We are about to embark on a side trip to Antibes, France.  I am prepared again for some french lessons. Yes,  I will learn some new words, some new wines, and some new foods – but what I will surely be taught is some panache and Monsieur Roger will be teaching me again.

Roger is the guardian of the house that we rent.  I have introduced him before.  A Parisien – he knows food, wine, gardening, and married well (a beautiful Brazilian professor).It was Roger that taught me French Lesson #1 on his favourite wine – “It depends what you are eating”.

Last time we visited he asked us, “Did you like the flowers that we left for you?”. My wife and I looked at each other.  We didn’t remember any flowers in the house. Did we miss them? Was Roger mistaken? We looked at him puzzled. “The flowers, in the fridge” he replied.  Of course Roger was referring to the bottle of Tavel (local rosé wine) that he had placed in the fridge for our arrival. Who but the French would use simple, beautiful, poetry to describe a bottle of wine in the fridge ( it does sound way better than the American version “Did y’all get the wine we left fer ya?”).

Thanks Roger for Panache Lesson #1 – I hope I come back from France a better man. I think my wife would approve of a little more panache in my life.

Flowers from Roger

Tavel lies to the northeast of Avignon on the right bank of the Rhône. A viticultural area first introduced to vines by the Romans, the appellation’s 2,000 acres were set forth in 1935 under A.O.C. law. Tavel’s sole designation is for rosé wines, which are produced from a blend of red and white varieties grown in extremely arid soils characterized by hillocks of sand over a chalky clay subsoil. The long growing season and intense, sunny summers yield fruit of exceptional ripeness, concentration and intensity of flavor.


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