5 minute radius

Rosé is always on display in Provence

Okay, I am officially enamoured with France – again.

There are three bakeries and a charcuterie within 100 metres of the house that we are renting in France, the baguettes are 90 Eurocents ~ and yes that does seem crazy to me too.

What is really incredible, from a wine lover’s perspective, is that there are 8 wine stores within a 5 minute radius of my house ~ walking radius.  That doesn’t even include the cheese shops and specialty food stores that also sell a small selection of wine.  The displays inside these stores is spectacular ~ see the evidence of this store that also specialized in Foie Gras.

Any bottle of Champagne over 3 feet tall gets my attention

3 L of Rosé ~ French eye candy

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3 responses to “5 minute radius

  • John

    Don’t you just want to buy the giant bottle – pretend you won some European Grand Prix – pour about a cup over your head (why waste anymore I ask) and then just drink the rest!!?? Sounds like a party bottle to me!

  • Brad

    I am a big supporter of the 100 Metre Diet.

  • Jason

    That sounds like a great experience! My wife and I were fortunate enough to pass through Saint Remy de Provence (oddly enough Nostradamus’s hometown) and wandered around on our way to visit the local Roman aqueduct ruins. A small market with local fruits/vegetables, bread, tapenade, foie gras and wine….all enough to make a great picnic. One neat piece of advice when looking for bread from a connection I have in Marseille…look for the ‘ugly bread’. Apparantly some of the newer bakeries have their bread made with ‘molds’ as opposed to by hand…the uglier the bread, the more likely it was made entirely by hand.

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