My wine said what?

I drank a great wine from Italy this week – Pio Cesare Barbera D’Alba 2008.  I looked it up on the internet with the intent of learning more about the wine and maybe find a description of it.  This is what the internet came up with …

This wine announces its modern intentions with polished opening notes of vanilla, caramel and coffee from aging in small French oak barrels… ” 90 Points Wine Enthusiast.

This wine announces its modern intentions? What does it mean and why didn’t I think of it? I love it. I desperately want to use that in casual conversation and I still have no idea what it means! Modern intentions indeed. I guess that if I was in the mood for a wine with post-modern intentions I would have been disappointed.

Congratulations Wine Enthusiast on taking the level of wine descriptions to a new level.

The google search "Wine with modern intentions" produced this from Tim Burton from the Museum of Modern Art

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