Penultimate supper ~ Cava and Rioja

One of my favorite Monty Python skits involves a conversation between Michelangelo and the Pope concerning his painting “The Last Supper”.  The Pope expresses his concern over the various inaccuracies of the painting, including Jello, the kangaroo, and the 28 disciples. Michelangelo offers a suggestion that perhaps this painting could be the “Penultimate Supper”. If there was a Last Supper there had to be a Penultimate Supper.

Tonight was my Penultimate Supper in Spain ~ promising to be more interesting than my Last Supper since that one will be a sandwich in a hotel room in Madrid.

The Penultimate Supper, of mostly tapas, was served with Cava and Rioja ~ it seemed a proper way to bid adieu to Spain (if you don’t mind me mixing metaphors).

The cava was Juve Y Camps Cinta Purpura (purple ribbon) ~ the Rioja a LAN Edición Limitada 2001.

I dislike writing about wines that I am drinking that we can’t get at the LCBO but there are several good choices available in Ontario.  Bodegas LAN Reserva or Crianza is often available through Vintages (I keep a couple in my cellar  but you can’t have those) and SEGURA VIUDAS BRUT RESERVA CAVA LCBO 158493 $ 14.55 is a great choice for cava.

Also, I love using the word Penultimate ~ a word that is often used here in Spain but only really used in Monty Python skits in the english language.

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