My trials with Pinot Noir

Enough of my European adventures.  Let’s get Canadian for a while.

If you follow my blog then you probably notice two things.  One, I don’t write negative reviews (except for the one against those “water people“) and two, I haven’t recommended any Pinot Noir wines from Canada – until today. 

I do love Pinot Noir and will gladly go out of my $comfort $zone for a bargain Burgundy – which still runs you $30.  The fact is that I have never been happy with Canadian Pinot Noir – until today. To borrow a road hockey term, it’s “game on” for Pinot Noir in Canada. One bottle has turned me 180 on the grape.

LCBO 145128 | Price: $ 16.45

Notes from the winemaker

This lovely Pinot Noir opens with ripe strawberry, cherry and nutmeg notes. Bright fruit on the palate with a hint of oak in the finish brings nice balance to this versatile, medium-bodied wine.

This is a great bargain – I know you may not think that $17 is a bargain but compared to a  Burgundy … 

More importantly I have another Canadian gem to share with my American friends – besides our 13 gold medals from the Winter Olympics.



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3 responses to “My trials with Pinot Noir

  • John

    Tasty tasting notes … we love Mission Hill so I may have to give in and buy this one!

  • Brother in Spain

    Enough of your European adventures? I think not! Remember the Riojas that you bought for $4? Can you even buy a Somontano at the LCBO? I’ll have none of your “enough of my European adventures.”

    Actually, I’d love to know if you can find a Somontano at the LCBO. . . If you can’t, you should talk to someone about getting some into Ontario. You know people, right?

    • Travis Oke

      There were a lot of Riojas that I bought for $4 – that’s why I am trying to block part of my travels this summer.
      As for the Somontano – I’ll talk to my people and see if they know anything about this so called “Somontano”

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