Pairing wine with Corn on the Cob

Saturday was a perfect fall day.  Farmers Market, espresso, a nice walk, I discovered a wine that pairs with corn on the cob and I cooked butter.  Yes, I cooked butter – not cooked with butter – I cooked butter.   

My dinner was Sole Meunière and it required me to both clarify some butter and brown some butter.  If you have never browned butter then I advise you to do so now and dip a baguette into it – you won’t be sorry.    

The rule is “white with fish”.  Well, that’s not always right.  I chilled a Chardonnay and proceeded to create my Sole Meunière.  A light white fish cooked in clarified butter and served with brown butter and parsley on top (maybe the French think parsley counts as salad in this dish).  The Chardonnay wasn’t quite right for the fish – not acidic enough to deal with the meal that was really butter two ways.  What it did pair beautifully with was the corn on the cob.    

The corn was sweet enough to eat without butter (always my preferred eating) and the Chardonnay was perfect with the sweet corn.  I am buying this wine again for the next time we buy a fresh dozen.   

LCBO 92296 | Price: $ 14.95   

This Chardonnay is a great balance of fruit and acidity. It is lightly oaked (the only way to oak in my opinion) a lovely straw colour with the aromas and taste that will make you think of  the farmers market stand that sells both apples and pears.   

Browned butter - it is so tasty that I am considering starting a new blog dedicated only to browned butter

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