I had to do it

It’s rainy, 13 degrees, and my body is craving  the warmth of the sun.  That’s why I had to post this photo – sorry.

Yes, that is the Mediterranean. Yes that is the sun shining on a chilled bottle of Rosé. And yes, that was my bottle of Rosé.

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6 responses to “I had to do it

  • Hammer

    Why not?! Such warm memories. Right now I am sitting in a home in Sandusky, Ohio watching a storm over the bay side of Lake Erie with winds of 90 K per hour. The geese on the bay were trying to fly into the wind but were just hovering above the water! What a sight! They finally gave up an landed. It is about 74 degrees F here now ( did not convert ) but I know it is one heck of a lot better than 13 C!

    Enjoying a glass of Hess Select Cabernet 2007 while watching the countryside blow on by.

  • Jeff

    convince your Department Head to hold her next department meeting in that location and include spouses. It would be a wonderful team building experience.

  • pdpace

    So Sorry! I hope your memories will continue to keep you warm this winter. Italy and it’s 20 degree days are missing you about now!

  • Julie

    I could have really used the beach and the wine today…..

  • John

    It was so gross today … this is nice. Ahhhh.

  • Brad

    I’m okay with you doing that…but that’s probably because I just spent a month there as well.

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