Racing at the Wine Festival

Guelph, the town I live in, is a town crazed with runners.  If you live here you have probably been invited to watch “a friend” race.  I was invited to drive an hour to watch my brother-in-law run a half-marathon last weekend.  The race started at 8 am.  I could then drive somewhere in the country and possibly see him at the 12 Km mark maybe and then later see him finish the race, close to barfing and out of breath.  “Wow!  That sounds like a great time” I remarked. “But you know what … (insert polite excuse here)”.

Then he tells me that the race is called run for the Grapes, or something like that, and that it’s part of the Niagara Wine and Food Festival.  Now THAT sounds like a good idea.  It was.

Yes, my brother-in-law was in rough shape after the race (actually better than I expected anyone to be after almost 2 hours of running) and while he waited in line and got a 20 minute free leg massage I worked my way through the local winery tents  ~ Tawse, Mike Weir Winery and Strewn ~ before he made it back to the wine fair.  Now that’s what I call a good day of running.

My wife and I tasted a Cabernet blend that smelled like a goat farm but was our favorite to drink (Coyote’s Run ~ cool logo).  We drank, and enjoyed, the Cabernet blends from both Mike Weir and Wayne Gretzky vineyards (yes, they are famous and have wineries and that’s why I tried them but I drew the line at trying a wine featuring the Designer Guys Steve and Chris).  An interesting blend of Merlot, CabSav, and Syrah called “Solstice” from Marynissen was very good and interesting.

It was worth “watching a half-marathon”.  Thanks for running Brad.

Coyote's Run ~ winner of the half marathon


CABERNET MERLOT LCBO 26757 | $ 16.95


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