Looking for that Special Bottle

Forget all the hoopla about iPhone apps – I found a website that  can help you with your ewine needs (I hope I just made up the word ewine).

It can be a difficult, even intimidating, thing when you are looking for that special bottle of wine for a friend, for a steak, or for a romantic evening (with your steak). I have found a foolproof wine selection website (which is perfect for the wine fool in your life).

The site is the new and improved Vintages Essentials and any one of a thousand monkeys at  a computer keyboard could navigate their way to great wines using it.  Go ahead, click on the Vintages Essentials link and see if it isn’t easier than a barrel of monkeys. These wines from the LCBO are always available and are usually better wines than the regular wine list. 

 This site is very easy to navigate. For example – when I select Spain I  see that Vintages carries Hécula, Muga, and Torres Gran Coronas.  Those are all great bottles of wine.  This website seems idiot proof – which is just what us wine drinkers want in our internet.

There you go – the best thing ever on the internet and good for me for using exaggeration to make a point but mostly for mixing my metaphors (something Brother in Spain finds very funny). You had fun and I had fun. This website is so well designed  that I think my friend John over at linktrap will be  impressed.

Got an email from the LCBO today telling me to take their logo off my site until I contact their legal department - wait for it


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