Nouveau Winners 2010

I’ve decided to be a Nouveau snob.  The only ones I liked in the 2010 release were from Beaujolais! My team of tasters tried all the Nouveau (and foreign pretenders) Friday night.  40 people weighed in with their opinions but only the inner circle of tasters had votes. Here are the winners. Get out and get some.

Gold – Georges Duboeuf Gamay Nouveau.  Tastes like Nouveau is supposed to taste. Maybe the best value wine in stores right now at $8.95.

Silver – Drouhin Beaujolais-Villages Nouveau.  Light, delicious wine.

Bronze – Georges Duboeuf Beajolais-Villages Nouveau. Good but expensive.

Some other notes … The Italian wine – Novello – tasted  mature, even tannic.  I expected that kind of  muscle from Italy.  The wine from South-West France – which I renamed Chateauneuf de Nouveau – was good but a little juicy like blue Gatorade.  The local wine was thin and watery with  dimetapp undertones but Katie the locavore liked it. Thanks to everyone who participated in the Nouveau party.


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