Wine 911

Just because I don’t like drilling holes into drywall or changing lightbulbs it doesn’t mean I’m not handy when I need to be.  Check out the photos of my Wine 911 emergency – handled with efficiency and calmness.

Either this cork is too small or ...

That's right - the cork broke in half

Another wine saved - it's very rewarding

There are other ways to handle this Wine Emergency.  A friend of mine decided to use a screwdriver and push the cork into the bottle.  It kinda worked. However, red wine shooting up through the relatively small opening of the neck of the bottle wrecks a white  shirt in a hurry.

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4 responses to “Wine 911

  • Jeff

    At work people call 911 and the fire department for the strangest and the most ridiculous non-emergency situations. We as firefighters can at times get annoyed with the abuse of 911 and the emergency services.

    BUT this my friend was and is a real emergency. Next time call and we’ll be there with every tool at our disposal.

  • Brad

    What about the thread method? someone once told me if you push the broken cork into the bottle and then lower a knotted thread into it you can still get it out. Seem’s unlikley to me, but next time you are in crisis let me know and we’ll give it a whirl!

  • John

    I suggest wearing a burgandy coloured shirt.

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